IT Operations Management

We love your IT infrastructure and Have ITOM in place to protect it. ITOM will efficiently run the technology on which your business depends. It smartly respond to any error arising in the digital services of your organization and immediately take measure to mitigate the cause.


ServiceNow Discovery suites map all the devices in the IT infrastructure network of an organization and report it to the CMDB. It comes up with the solutions to prevent service outage.

Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management suites monitor health of the IT infrastructures that are providing business services. It maps down all the relationship of business services as events and alerts on the dashboards for tracking and remediation purposes.

Operational Intelligence

ServiceNow Operational Intelligence applications uses advance machine learning methodologies to design all precautionary measure to save IT infrastructure from any outrage.

Service Mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping tool create service map for all applications lying on IT infrastructure that helps in restoring services quickly in case of any service outrage. It automatically update CI relationship with any changes in IT services and thus improves risk and impact analysis.

Cloud Management

With the advent of era of cloud service, most of the progressive businesses are shifting their focus for opting private and public cloud services. All are in dearth need to protect those cloud service. DSS Soft Tech team is good at integrating ServiceNow with AWS, Salesforce and other cloud services to manage it in most effective way. We gracefully handle the challenges to maintain service level standards for all types of clouds.


There are more chances of successful CMDB configuration with ITOM. ITOM guide CMDB health by effective governance strategies so that you could feel confident for your CI data. DSS Soft Tech are specialized in ServiceNow integrations with all types of databases.

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